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Enterprise model


Our organization finds its origin in the work initiated by Don Alfredo Simón Román, mi father, who in December 16th of 1946 kick started our enterprise development.
In those pioneer times, along my elder brothers; that unquiet, warrior, worker, passionate, tenacious, collaborative spirit, allowed me to absorb from young age the meaning that our elders gave to hard work.
In 1978, I incorporated the family business, the teachings I received, their beliefs and their values, along with my academic knowledge, were the base of my formation as a human being and entrepreneur.
In the beginning of 1996, and as a consequence of the societal and business reorganization of Román´s company, the Holding Row Group is born.
Under my leadership as an actionist, this new company has specialized and focalized in a group of traditional activities, orientating human and capital efforts into the achievement of the objectives that each company has proposed for itself.
Fifty years ago the growth of the family company, assumed a group of people working around common principles and values.
When creating professional management organizations, we wanted to call the same lessons that were learned in the past, using them towards the future perspective.
That is why the fundamentals of our companies development and success are the identification and fidelity to the principles, values and beliefs that are the legacy from our elders and that we resume in the manifest of our company philosophy.

Our philosophy

  • Our organizational structure must be efficient, economic and flexible, in order to satisfy the growing needs and expectations from our customers. The authority in our professional frames must be based on the knowledge, responsibility and exemplariness.
  • We need innovation and we are permanently looking for new challenges, our actions are always looking for economic success, in harmony with social responsibility before the people, community, Government, and the environment.
  • We must cooperate with the moral, professional, intellectual, and economical progress of those who compose the company and the environment it develops.
  • We considerate that human resources are our main capital, because of that we have our collaborators participate in the proposal of the company objectives, looking to coordinate their personal realization expectations with mentioned achievements.
  • We believe in loyalty, honesty, professional capacity, initiative and service vocation as pillars to obtain quality in our work and trust from our customers: establishing fair, transparent and long term relationships with them.
  • We must satisfy, or if it is possible exceed our customer expectations ensuring quality, efficiency and compliance of terms agreed upon; in a security framework looking out for their goods; complying with public order rules and looking after the environment preservation.
  • We commit to reinforce the investment capacity of our customers in the long term, protecting the actionists capital.

Our business model

Our main strength is to offer our customers, integral services that allow us to provide added value solutions to their projects.

In Rowing, the whole team invests their biggest efforts into being proactive and dedicated to the customer needs, giving an important role to teamwork and corporate vision compliance.

Rowing covers different action areas, which contemplate multiple market needs and which are orientated toward corporate and individual objectives.